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Immediate Implant

Case #1


The front tooth in the upper right side (look at the arrow in the first picture on the top row) had a root canal / post / crown done many years ago. Although the picture doesn't show, the tooth structure inside the crown broke at the gum level. It is impossible to put another crown to save the tooth. We decided to remove the tooth and put an implant on the same day.

Immediate Implant

immediate implant #7 before picture.jpg


Crown was loose and came out. 


Same Day

Tooth was extracted and implant was placed.

immediate implant #7 temporary picture.j

Same Day

Temporary crown was fabricated and cemented.


The whole area was anesthesized (numb). The tooth was extracted and an implant was placed right after (second picture on the bottom row). A temporary crown was fabricated and screwed onto the implant. All of these things were done within 1-2 hours in one day.

The temporary crown was replaced in 6 months with a permanent crown.

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