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Why GK Dental?

GK Dental takes a conservative approach to extractions. We want you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible and will never encourage you have a tooth removed unless it’s absolutely necessary.

While there are many different levels of practice within the dental industry, you may find offices where they refer you out to specialty offices for most of cases. Extraction may be one of them. If you do need to have a tooth taken out, this is a great place to do it. Dr. Kim is known for his gentle touch and ability to provide even hard extractions like impacted wisdom teeth. Our patients consistently talk about how much easier the process was than they thought, and that’s exactly the type of feedback we aim to get every time.

Commons reasons for tooth extractions

  • Damage or trauma –Unfortunately, one or more

        teeth can become damaged from an injury which is

        quite common in sports activities. With the modern

        technology that is available today, quite often a

        damaged tooth can be saved, but when this is not

        possible, removal may be necessary.


  • Decay –It is important to maintain good oral

        hygiene to protect the teeth but even when this is

        carried out, on occasion, a tooth may still decay. It

        could have been damaged previously without

        realizing, which later led to the decay. In some

        cases, illness or medications can weaken the teeth

        leaving them open for decay.


  • To create space –Another common reason to have a

        tooth removed is to allow space for the other teeth

        that may be too crowded. In order to get proper

        alignment of the teeth, it may be necessary to

        remove at least one tooth.


  • Infection –Sometimes a tooth may look healthy on

        the outside but this may not be the case on the inner

        parts of the tooth and infection could be present. Often

        this creates a very painful situation just as tooth decay can. It is a problem that needs to be corrected

        quickly so the infection does not spread to the other teeth or to other parts of the body via the

        bloodstream. Sometimes the tooth can be saved with a root canal but extraction is another option.


  • Wisdom tooth extraction –The wisdom teeth can create several problems and this creates the need for their removal. Sometimes they might not be able to protrude through the gums and can get stuck or impacted. Sometimes this can be painful but not always. If this is the case, they should be extracted. Quite often, dental professionals will suggest having the wisdom teeth extracted as a preventative measure, as they are known to create problems even after they have come in with no issues. It is not uncommon for the wisdom teeth to take up too much room in the gum area which causes crowding for the other teeth.


  • Other medical conditions – Some medical conditions can compromise your teeth either directly or indirectly. It may be necessary to remove a tooth that is weak or damaged to prevent infection which could worsen the existing medical condition


  • Gum Disease –Gum disease is referred to as periodontal disease. This is when an infection has set into the tissues that support the teeth and sometimes affect the bones in this area also. If this is happening, one or more teeth might require extraction.

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